Etna Marathon Tour 27 – 31 August 2019


The event is organized by the Mongibello MTB Team under the umbrella of the ACSI (Associazione Centri Sportivi Italiani).


The Etna Marathon Tour (EMT) is a multi-stage mountain bike race that will take place over five days between the 27th and the 31st of August 2019 for two-person teams. The two-person teams must remain together for the entire length of the race and may not ride more than two minutes apart at any time. The race consists of five stages, a time-trial prologue followed by four races.

Date Race Start Finish Km Vertical gain
Tue 27/08/2019 Stage 1 Prologue Milo Milo (TBC) 23 800
Wed 28/08/2019 Stage 2 Milo (TBC) Piano Vetore 67 2.300
Thur 29/08/2019 Stage 3 Piano Vetore Piano Vetore 47 1.580
Fri 30/08/2019 Stage 4 Piano Vetore Randazzo 66 1.550
Sat 31/08/2019 Stage 5 Randazzo Milo 55 1.850

Licensed participants

The race is open to all Italian citizens and foreigners, both male and female aged 19 and over, in possession of a valid membership card for both amateur and professional cycling for 2019 issued by the Italian or any foreign federation which adheres to the UCI or Sports Promotion Board or to the National Conference of Cycling (UISP, AICS ENDAS, ACLI, CSI, etc).

Non-licensed participants

Participants who are not registered with a sporting body may also participate as long as they send via email by August 15th a medical certificate of competitive cycling issued by a registered doctor. Non-licensed participants must pay a fee of €50 for extra insurance.

Only fifty teams are allowed in the event.

The race organiser has the option of inviting additional teams over the quota of 50 teams.

Master 1 two male riders Total age of team less or equal to 80 years old in 2019
Master 2 two male riders Total age of team equal or more than 81 years old in 2019
Women two female riders Any age
Mixed one male/one female Any age

If any category has less than 3 teams competing, the organisers may incorporate the category with another one at the start of the competition.


The two-person teams must remain together for the entire length of the race and may not ride more than two minutes apart at any time. Both riders must complete the course with no external assistance (apart from any assistance given at designated zones on the course). Pushing and technical assistance between the same team riders is allowed. Pulling with a rope, elastic etc., between two riders is not permitted. Any violation of this rule will be sanctioned with a time penalty by the race judges.


Classification will be based on the total time of each stage. Stage time will be taken on the second rider of the team (the last to finish the stage).


Online registration is open from 12pm 1ST December 2018 until 11.59pm 20th August 2019.
Registration will automatically close as soon as 50 teams have been registered.



Registration forms will only be considered valid after payment. Participants must send a copy of the payment receipt by fax (+39 095 2931639) or e-mail to with name and team category. Registration can be checked at any time in the “Entry list” section of the site. 


Standard Race Package (entry fee + goodie bag)

€ 235 per person registration deadline 30/03/2019
€ 265  per person registration deadline 30/06/2019
€ 295  per person registration deadline 20/08/2019

The fee includes:

  • The privilege to cycle in a unique environment declared World Heritage by UNESCO
  • Race organisation
  • Race entry
  • Race insurance
  • Bib number
  • Evening briefing before each stage
  • Race timing service
  • Medical care
  • Mechanical assistance at the start of each stage
  • Feed zones on the course
  • Arrival feed zone at the end of each stage
  • Bike wash (not available for 2nd and 3rd stage)
  • Race kit/goodie bag
  • Etna Marathon Tour finisher t-shirt (for all finishers)

All Inclusive Package (entry fee + goodie bag + hotel)

€ 565 per person registration deadline 30/03/2019
€ 625 per person registration deadline 30/06/2019
€ 690 per person registration deadline 10/08/2019

The fee includes:

Standard Race Package plus:

  • Accommodation for four overnight stays in two or three-star hotels (or similar standard B&Bs) in double rooms with a teammate.
  • Four breakfasts
  • Four typical Sicilian dinners with local wine. Other beverages excluded
  • Luggage transport
  • Transfer to/from hotels to race start (when necessary)

All Inclusive package services start with dinner on Tuesday 27th  and finish with breakfast on Saturday 31st.

  • By credit card or Paypal: (administration cost: 4% of the transaction). At the time of registration or subsequently via the link in the confirmation of enrollment or through the verification form entry.
  • By bank transfer payment made to: ASD Mongibello MTB Team
Banco BPM – San Gregorio (CT) IT49E0503484200000000004669 BAPPIT21C93

Team cancellation only valid if communicated via email to If the cancellation is communicated by 30/06/2019 a 100% refund of the entry fee will be given. In case of cancellation between 01/07/2019 and 31/07/2019 a 50% refund of the entry fee will be given. After 31/07/2019 the refund of the entry fee will not be made under any circumstances and there will be no goodie bag given. If one team rider is unable to participate in EMT due to sickness or injury, he/she can be replaced by another teammate, at an extra cost of €75. This must be communicated via email by the 10/08/2019. After that date, no changes will be possible.



Riders are responsible for ensuring that their mountain bike is suitable and safe for use in the competition. All mountain bikes will be checked in the license-checking process before the race and marked as approved with a frame sticker. Mountain bikes deemed unsuitable will not be admitted to the race. Mountain bikes used in the competition must be solely powered by human energy, without any components or devices that aid in bicycle propulsion. Electric bikes are not allowed in the competition.

Tools and spare parts

There will be technical assistance at the start of every stage given by the organisers if needed. Any spare parts needed will be paid for by the riders. Teams are urged to carry tools, replacement parts and a first-aid kit throughout the competition.


Both team riders must wear identical jerseys during the whole competition. The race takes place on high mountain terrain where the weather conditions can change very quickly and unexpectedly. Each rider must be prepared for this and carry suitable clothing for cold weather, rain and possibly snow.


Tuesday 27/08 9am to 12pm
In the service centre under Piazza Belvedere (main square), Milo.

Each member of each team must personally come to the document check procedure and retrieve the race technical pack and the goodie bags with typical food products from the region, sport nutrition supplements and other merchandise.


There will be a pre-stage briefing for all racers the evening before each stage. The briefing will include a discussion of particular features and dangerous areas on the upcoming stage and an announcement of any changes in planning. Attendance at briefings is compulsory for at least one team member.


Each participant will be given a number to attach to the front of the bike. Numbers must be clearly visible and legible at all times during the race. Any participant found tampering with the numbers will be disqualified.


Each course will be marked with yellow signs with red writing. Furthermore there will be course marking tape indicating the right way. A Maximum Time of Arrival (TMA) of each stage will be announced during the pre-stage evening briefing. The TMA will be indicated as a time (e.g. 17:00) and not as a duration (e.g. eight hours). The organiser may extend the TMA during the stage. Riders who do not finish the stage within the TMA will be excluded from the General Classification.


Participants who for any reason do not wish to, or are unable to, continue the race must notify their withdrawal to the feed zones/check points and wait for the assistance vehicles. If only one member of the team withdraws, the other team member can continue the race alone. In this case, the team will be excluded from the stage classification and in the General Classification will be given the time of the slowest rider of each stage, with an extra 10 minutes added.


Stage winners

There will be a non-cash prize for each stage winner in each category. The category team leaders in each stage will receive the EMT leader jerseys which must be worn in the next stage. No leader jerseys will be given to the EMT 2D leaders.

Etna Marathon Tour winners

Top three teams in each category will get a trophy and a non-cash prize.


Helmets are obligatory for the entire duration of the race for safety reasons. Riders who do not wear a helmet will be disqualified. The courses partly include public roads and therefore the Italian traffic code is to be observed as well as the general UCI and FCI rules for mountain bike competitions. Non-observance of these regulations will lead to disqualification.


Littering and leaving behind waste along the course is not permitted. Waste bins will be placed next to the feed zones for all rubbish. Those who do not respect this rule shall be disqualified immediately.


Any complaints must be submitted to the judges in writing not later than 30 minutes after the stage/race classification has been published accompanied by the protest fee which will be refunded should the complaint be upheld.


Amendments to the rules, routes and vertical climb profiles can be made by the race organiser at any time. All information will be made public through the website which is the official channel of communication of the event.


The event will take place in all weather conditions. In case of very bad weather the organiser may decide to reduce the course length. If, for reasons of force majeure, the event, or part of it, does not take place, the registration fee will not be refunded. All details will be published on the internet or on-site during the race.


Participation is at your own risk. By registering (even at the hands of third parties) competitors waiver any rights, including third party rights, in relation to the organiser and all physical and legal persons of other organisations involved in the event.


By signing and submitting the registration form, you declare to be in possession of a valid cycling license, that you have read the rules and consent to the use of data in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (Privacy Act). The same rules apply to all registrations carried out online. In addition, you agree that the organizing committee may use any photos or pictures taken by participants and children during the event for advertising or marketing purposes of any kind.